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We are fundraising to keep pets at home and out of the shelters!

Did you know that 22 million pets live in poverty in the US?

PALNV helps financially struggling community members care for their pets with pet food, spay/neuter services and veterinary care. Pets like Zorro who belongs to Richard. Richard suffers from Diabetes and is almost blind. Zorro alerts him when his blood sugar gets to low and is considered a service dog. Richard does not drive and was unable to find anyone that would help with Zorro's vaccines or his constant scratching around his ears. PALNV went into action and made arrangements with Caring Hands Animal Hospital to see Zorro. Our warehouse manager, Ricardo, picked Zorro up and took him to his veterinary appointment and returned him home with meds for his ears and fully vaccinated. With out our help Richard and Zorro would both be in danger of continuing down a slippery path. Richard needs Zorro to help control his Diabetic condition and Zorro needed help to relieve an ear infection that could have rendered him deaf. Zorro also receives pet food each month free of charge from PALNV.

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